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Cherish Desire

Cherish Desire Erotica is something different. We want something more than the same conventional erotica with the same unreal men and women.

You, me, and everyone we know wants to read about someone they can relate to, that they fantasize about already... someone just as complicated and twisted as we are.

What do you desire? What turns you on? What secrets are you keeping? How dirty, perverse, and extreme do you need it? Are you willing to be corrupted?

That's all we care about.

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Max has always been the go to guy for crazy sex questions you don't dare ask. Plunge into the darkness, explore the dangerously sexy secrets we all hide, adventure into the night clubs and fetish parties you always wanted to be invited to, seek sexual satisfaction at any cost, and join the battles for dominance while wondering who's really on top. Wicked desires and passions await.

Cherish Desire Erotica Catalog

Need a quick rush and fast finish? Prefer to keep going while pushing your limits? Lusting for the wickedness lurking in the shadows? Aching to embrace supernatural passions? Discover how Cherish Desire can fulfill all you need and more.

Collared Blonde Watching - Cherish Desire Erotica Catalog

Very Dirty Stories

Plunge right into sexy stories about extraordinary women going beyond casual romantic and sexual relationships - diving into detailed play and perversions to dare the imagination and warm tender flesh.

Expect exciting toys, body modifications, DIY sex inventions, and extreme fantasies with empowered men and women who know what they want - and are willing to do anything to get it.

Not sure if Cherish Desire has the fevered imagination and stamina you require? Download a free ebook from Smashwords today and see if you can handle the heat!

Commit To Pleasure with Very Dirty Stories!    Start With A Free Download of "Free Orgasms, Volume 1"

Pierced With Red Lips - Cherish Desire Singles

Cherish Desire Singles

When you need more... these are more than a one night stand. These trailblazing erotica books go deeper, harder, faster, and expose the soft white underbelly of sensual need while delivering thrust after thrust of sexual intensity. Would you go so far? Do you wish someone you knew would?

Gathered together in each title, lusty ladies and taboo themes explore formative physical and psychological experiences that define womanhood and offer plenty of alternatives to timid romance and morning missionary. Discover women's illicit erogenous zones and dive into their firsthand experiences as well as the damning desires of their perverse partners. Do you dare get carried away?

Keep Lust Going With More from Cherish Desire Singles    Ready to get sexy? "Object Confessions, Collection 1" Video Trailer    Would you invite sexy in? "Object Confessions, Collection 2" Video Trailer

Lingerie In Countryside - Very Wicked Dirty Stories

Very Wicked Dirty Stories

The darkness of desires are shadows always encircling the hope of fulfillment and pleasure. These are the twisted realities fueled by the uninhibited passions and believes of the few. Are you willing to risk savage wickedness for a thrill?

Ghosts, shapeshifters, and great powers linger just beyond the firelight while watching humanity sleep. Enjoy the unnatural fulfillment of the divine and the fallen.

Tempt Dark Desires with Very Wicked Dirty Stories   

Pierced Lip Seductress - Cherish Desire Divinations

Cherish Desire Divinations

Lusty shapeshifters, impassioned spirits, dangerous players, and perverse pagan deities beckon with sordid promises and unseemly urges. Their intense passions expose their bestial and heavenly natures while emphasizing how closely they represent unfettered hunger, cunning, love, and wickedness.

Born of fevered imaginations and sexual abandonment that left us aching, bruised, and hoping for more, these are full length books of what remains once humanity is stripped from away. Do you dare ask what is growling outside your door?

Embrace Savage Passions with Cherish Desire Divinations


Free Orgasms, Volume 1

Very Dirty Stories: Free Orgasms, Volume 1

"Free Orgasms, Volume 1" delivers extreme erotica with no apologies for shattering limits & brushing aside taboos. The eleven stories start with phone sex and masturbating with dildos to ease your path down a slippery slope that leads to hard core pony play and rubber penetration orgasms. Corrupt your fantasies with more than you've dared to imagine.

"Object Confessions 4" from "Object Confessions, Collection 1" Audiobook

Download a free MP3 or stream the audio from Soundcloud. "Object Confessions 4" is one of eleven stories narrated by Suzie Hess in the "Object Confessions, Collection 1" audiobook. Listen close as a sexy Cherish Desire lady confesses to her personal affection for her wine bottle collection!

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