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Inspire your fantasies with intense erotica featuring extraordinary women pursuing perverse pleasures.

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Cherish Desire

Cherish Desire Erotica is something different. We want something more than the same conventional erotica with the same unreal men and women.

You, me, and everyone we know wants to read about someone they can relate to, that they fantasize about already... someone just as complicated and twisted as we are.

What do you desire? What turns you on? What secrets are you keeping? How dirty, perverse, and extreme do you need it? Are you willing to be corrupted?

That's all we care about.

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Max has always been the go to guy for crazy sex questions you don't dare ask. Plunge into the darkness, explore the dangerously sexy secrets we all hide, adventure into the night clubs and fetish parties you always wanted to be invited to, seek sexual satisfaction at any cost, and join the battles for dominance while wondering who's really on top. Wicked desires and passions await.

Extreme Erotica

I remember walking along the river in HafenCity in Hamburg, das Fuchs and I taking photos at different angles to highlight the Elbphilharmonie, while laughing about "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," and the wind swept over us with whispers of impending rain. I spent an afternoon with the Mistress of Wiesbaden at Kloster Eberbach, wandering the abbey after walking the grounds, before driving along the Rhein to take her home. The loud conversations in a pizzeria, the soft accent of Wien drifting into the night, and the pause as a cluster of departing friends share one last set of shots. A week later, looking down over Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory as black helicopters circle overhead, Mistress Militia enthusing about her drag queen shows and posing for photos. That night laughing with the Chicago crew at Das Bunker while our friends, Alter Der Ruine, play a final show, and the Portland crew is meowing and dancing in the middle of the crowd for the headline band. There's no time for sleep until I get back to Orlando, and then it's time for work a couple of hours after the red eye lands. Life continues without a pause button everywhere - and the music slows before building up to another crescendo.

This is what extreme erotica is about. All these details. The impact of the moment and the memory. Cherish Desire stories are fiercely sexual, ravenous and demanding, and potent as well as ruinous. The Mistress of Wiesbaden likes to say that each story is a chance to sit back, close her eyes, and wander through the imagination of friends. Of course, she's a big fan of imagination as long as she gets to satisfy her natural passions for destruction and domination. The sudden rush of pent up sexual release may explode like a furious detonation, but the need for more of everything remains. The inevitable collisions of lust, aggression, motivation, and fulfillment shapes the lives of the extraordinary characters and unapologetically takes root in the audience's fantasies. These are stories for wounded hearts and jaded minds as well as myths for the inexperienced and unwary to discover during their adventures in search of their particular sexual and sensual identity.

Cherish Desire, Passionately Unhinged, Max D, erotica

To be kind, each story and title is carefully coded so readers have a feel for what they are stepping into. Take the markings as road signs, as rough indicators of what comes next, because arbitrary labels can't really express the perversity, pleasure, depravity, and even damnation that is hidden behind pretty faces and between supple thighs.

Go ahead. Plunge into the deep end. Corrupting your fantasies is our pleasure.

Our Catalog

Cherish Desire Erotica is divided into five imprints. Each Very Dirty Stories title contains sexy short stories about brazen lust and passionate desires in a long running series full of action and perverse pleasures.

Very Dirty Stories #1 to #99, Max D, erotica Very Dirty Stories #100 to #199, Max D, erotica Very Dirty Stories #200 to #299, Max D, erotica

Cherish Desire Singles titles link Very Dirty Stories into novel length books which delve into the hungers and needs of Cherish Desire ladies who are willing to embrace their fantasies.

Cherish Desire Singles, Max D, Lelith L, erotica Cherish Desire Singles Object Confessions, Max D, Lelith L, erotica Cherish Desire Singles Sexy Identities, Max D, erotica Cherish Desire Singles She Comes First, Max D, Lelith L, erotica

For a glimpse into the shadows at the strange, the unexpected, and the supernatural, Very Wicked Dirty Stories titles embrace short stories exposing dark rituals, devilish deals, and shapeshifters. Cherish Desire Divinations books go even further with novel length tales of the driven intensity and unyielding sexual demands of the gifted and cursed who linger in a world which has forgotten the mysteries of awakened spirits.

Very Wicked Dirty Stories, Max D, erotica Cherish Desire Divinations, Max D, erotica

Sometimes you want it dirty, hard, and fast with no strings attached. The Cherish Desire Free Erotica imprint includes dozens of free short stories for you to enjoy. Read them one by one or download depravity with "Very Dirty Stories: Free Orgasms, Volume 1" and "Very Dirty Stories: Free Orgasms, Volume 2". You don't have to pay to play... but a kind review is appreciated.

Very Dirty Stories - Free Orgasms, Max D, erotica

TL;DR? Here's the summary: Cherish Desire stories break out of the conventional erotica mold, shattering the expectations of casual romance and sex, and dive into detailed and realistic action involving stretching, large sex toy play, vaginal and anal fisting, domination, fantasy monster and animal dildo play, restraints and bondage, elaborate medical and DIY devices, violent shapeshifters, and more. Corrupting your fantasies is our pleasure.


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Cherish Desire directly publishes titles to Smashwords, Amazon, Rakuten Kobo, Audible, and Bandcamp. These retailers distribute to many additional retailers and libraries including SCRIBD, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. The interior cover or audio will often indicate the original retailer so we can provide support and investigate if readers and listeners have a bad experience with content.

Starting in 2020, Cherish Desire began actively producing video narration and reaction video content as well. While it's unclear how to best distribute and monetize this content, some is being released on our YouTube and YouPorn channels.

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